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Comparison table of Campus Building Names


校園建築 Campus Building
第一教學大樓,一教 First Academic Building, 1TB
第三教學大樓,三教 Third Academic Building, 3TB
第六教學大樓,六教 Sixth Academic Building , 6TB
科研大樓 Hong-Yue Technology Research Building, STRB
共同科館 General Studies Building, GSB
綜合科館 Integrated Technology Complex, CB
土木館 Dept. of Civil Engineering,
光華館 Dept. of Electro-Optical Engineering, GHB
化工館 Dept. of Chemical Engineering, ChemEB
設計館 Design Building, DB

*Reference: https://www-en.ntut.edu.tw/files/13-1128-37132.php

Campus Map

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Important VISA Information for Exchange Students

Important VISA Information for Exchange Students

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